We Repair Espresso Machines 

Few things in life are more distressing than a broken espresso machine.

If yours is broken, don't despair - send it our way.

We've been fixing home espresso machines for more than ten years. We've seen virtually every model ever sold in the US (and quite a few that were not). We have thousands of parts on hand and the patience needed to make your machine happy again. Turnaround time is generally under a week and we'll call you discuss substantial repairs before doing anything.

Home and office machines can be delivered to our repair center in person, by courier, or by commercial carrier. Every day we've got folks walking in with broken espresso machines, cab drivers dropping by with broken machines and our UPS guy appearing with a stack of boxes containing items "for repair".

The Repair Process is Simple:
   goldCup number1        EVALUATE  

When we receive your espresso machine we'll read your notes, put the machine on the bench, add water and coffee and get started. Our technicians will thoroughly evaluate your machine and will recommend a solution. Because this process generally requires time, effort and supplies, we charge a nominal evaluation fee for this evaluation. ($35.00 to cover our first 1/2 of time).

  goldCup number2       ESTIMATE  

Once we determine the cost of repair, we'll e-mail or call you to explain the problem, provide an estimated cost and repair timeline and request approval to proceed with repairs. 

If the total cost of your repair (evaluation + repair + parts) is less than $150, our technicians will complete the repair without requesting authorization. We'll just let you know it's fixed.

  goldCup number3  REPAIR & RETURN  

Once we have you approval, we'll repair, clean and test the machine. Then we'll prepare it for return shipping using new shipping materials. Please note: we do not reuse the shipping materials you send us. If you're attached to your box, don't send it.

We'll contact you to arrange a pre-shipment payment (using a Credit Card).  

  If you're going to send us a machine for repair, please complete and print this form - and keep a copy for your records.


Our repairs carry a 30-day warranty - if there's a problem with your machine, please let us know.

Also - if your machine arrives damaged from shipping, please save the box and packing materials - and let us know ASAP.