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America's #1 Source For Home Espresso Repair

Every day the phone rings and someone says "I have an espresso machine..."

We always give them the same answer - "Yes, we can fix it!"

 New machines, old machines, home machines, commercial machines, pump-driven machines, lever machines, even old hydraulic espresso machines (although not very often). We fix traditional machines, modular machines, automatic machines, superautomatic machines, vending machines and even machines that plug into car lighters. All kinds of machines, for all kinds of people.

We've fixed machines in restauraunts, coffee shops, fancy hotels and government buildings. We've fixed machines for police and firemen, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs (well, Indian casinos...) and politicians, machines in airports and train stations and machines in high-rise buildings (at both the top and bottom - it's a little eerie under the Sears Tower). We've fixed machines for TV crews (we fixed Oprah's espresso machine!), on movie sets (didn't get to see Johnny Depp) and in NFL stadiums (Go Bears!). We've fixed machines in factories and catering trucks and even fixed a machine for a gentleman who lives in a motor home (note: he came to us).

We fix big problems and little problems. Bad noises and quiet leaks. Broken switches, leaky gaskets, stuck valves, 'flaky' thermostats. Water, electrical, steam, pressure, temperature...even coffee-related problems. Whatever is wrong with your espresso machine, we can fix it. Grinders too. If you just want it fixed - no frills - we can do that. If you want more, we can do more. Heck, if you want, we'll have the body panels polished, painted or replaced with a custom-made exterior. Think "American Chopper meets Victoria Ardunio".




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