Another chance encounter...

By 1991 The Expresso Shoppe is a good business; roasting coffee, selling espresso machines, and providing coffee catering for parties and weddings. Vito has an employee and, thanks to another cousin (who works for Apple in Italy), a computer.

Chicago's McCormick Place is one of the largest convention centers in the US, home to many trade shows and industry-related events. Vito purchases an espresso cart and becomes a regular at McCormick Place, making espresso and cappuccino for the conventioneers.

trade show

One spring day, as the technology sector is booming along, Vito is working his cart at a computer industry trade show (at the time, before the internet, trade shows were still big-time business). After lunch, as business slows down, he closes the cart and takes a short break. He wanders around the show, looking at this and that, and finds himself at the Apple computer booth where he meets a kid who's fresh out of college, hired for the day to work the Apple booth. 

Kid in the booth: "Hi - can I help you?"

Vito: " computer is all messed up. Can you fix it?"

Kid: "Sure - I do freelance work. Give me your card and I'll stop by."

A few days later, the kid comes to the office, fixes the computer and says "So...Expresso Shoppe...what do you do here?" 

Vito explains - coffee, espresso machines, etc., gives the kid the nickle tour of the shop and makes him an espresso coffee. He's never had one before, so it seems very strong.

The kid leaves, gets in his car, and, before the key reaches the ignition, he stops and tells himself "That's great. I like that guy and I like his business. Cool." And drives away.

A few months later Vito calls back - "Can you upgrade my computer?".

Then, "If I got another computer could you make a network?"

And so...a friendship is born. The kid goes on to grow a technology consulting business that periodically helps Vito, and Vito turns the kid into an espresso drinker.