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  • Expresso Shoppe News

    This is our general news-of-the-month newsletter.

    We'll include news from The Expresso Shoppe, our Recipe, Coupon and Special Offer of the Month, New Product Information, and more. It's really a don't-miss read.
  • Expresso Shoppe - Sales Promotions

    Sometimes we offer our friends special discounts on particular products. Sometimes we sell stuff at prices so low we're not allowed to advertise them. If you'd like advance and insider notification about new products, sales and other special offers from The Expresso Shoppe, sign up here. We'll make it worth your while.
  • Saeco Owner's Tips

    As longtime Saeco Authorized Service center, and as longtime Saeco owners, we've learned a lot about living with these machines. This occasional newsletter will share advice, tips and tricks to help Saeco machine owners get the most out of their machines.

    If you have a Saeco (or Gaggia, Miele, don't pass up of this list – it's an invaluable resource that will ensure you're 'in the know'.
  • Healthy Coffee News

    Coffee is a strong stuff, and it's good for you! Scientists are constantly discovering new benefits to our daily cup, and it's beneficial effects on human health and the environment are frequently in the news.

    This newsletter will deliver links and commentary on the beneficial health effects of coffee, with occasional discussion of related products like tea, cocoa and energy drinks. While we may reference scientific studies, this is a newsletter for the non-scientific reader.
  • Coffee Recipes

    You can do a lot more with coffee than just drink it with milk. Newsletter subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter with all sorts of recipes that include coffee; hot and cold beverages, cakes and cookies, ice cream and smoothies, and savory dishes and entrees. Lots of good stuff to make at home or in your cafe.