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Our Subscription Coffee Plans are designed to make your life easier by helping you ensure you always have a supply of great fresh-roasted coffee on hand. We're not looking to lock you in to some complicated multi-year contract with pro-rated cancellation fees and amortized conglomeration charges - we just want to help you out, to make sure you've always got the good stuff on hand.

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Your Subscription Includes

Great Coffee

That's right, great coffee. You'll enjoy it, and, if you share it, so will the people you share it with. It's Specialty Grade coffee that comes from lush mountain farms in places with exotic sounding names. It was hand-picked and carefully processed by people whose income and way of life are closely connected to it's quality. You're not getting the broken beans and sticks that the corporate coffee monsters buy in massive quantities, you're getting the good stuff, the big, fat, juicy coffee beans that people worked hard to grow. The ones that deliver the aroma, body and taste you love. The great coffee.


Yes, appreciation. Our appreciation. We appreciate you - you're our customer. We got into the coffee business (at least in part) because of the direct connection to making people happy. We always try to do our best, with the constant goal of providing you the best possible product. Thanks for buying our coffee. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Passion and Pride

A healthy dose of each. This is a hard business. Coffee comes in heavy bags. We roast lots of it, and that's a lot of work. There's a lot of lifting. The roaster is noisy and hot, and the packaging machines are a complicated affair; they're finicky (to say the least).On top of all that, the floor always needs to be swept and the factory equipment requires lots of regular maintenance. You can't really do this unless you love it, and we're happy to say that we really do. We make something great and people enjoy it. That's a good feeling to have at the end of each day.


Your Subscription Does Not Include


No Obligation! Upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your plan at any time. We want you to buy our coffee because you like it, not because we made you buy it. The idea is for you to have great coffee all the time without having to go shopping all the time.

Funny Business

That's correct. No Funny Business, no bamboozling, no tricks, gimmicks, sleight-of-hand, smoke and mirrors or other means of subterfuge and distraction. Subscriptions have no upfront charges, no backend charges, no hidden charges, no cancellation fees, no change charges, no extra fees and no surprise contract terms. It's a long list of features we're lacking, but we think that's OK.


Nope, no Surprises either. Well, maybe the occasional surprise, but only the good kind (a surprise gift, an unexpectedly delightful coffee, bonus free shipping, etc.) From your perspective the subscription experience should be pretty simple; we'll charge you for what we ship you, when we ship it to you, at the price you expect, when you expect it. Predictable and straightforward. Simple. Almost boring, but not quite. 


Subscription Coffee FAQs

Which coffees are available for subscription?

All of our coffees are available for subscription purchase in all package sizes. If you like to get two 12 oz. bags of whole bean coffee per week, we're happy to help. If you'd prefer to receive 3 cases of fraction packed coffee delivered to you're office, that's OK with us too. Whatever you like.

When will I be charged for coffee?

We'll charge your account each time we're ready to ship your coffee. Depending on the specifics of your subscription that may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

I'm taking a long vacation. Can you pause my subscription while I'm travelling?

Sure. Just send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least 2 days in advance of your regular shipment date. Let us know when you'd like us to resume your subscription. We'll send you an email confirmation and we'll resume your shipments per your instructions.

How can I change my subscription to add more (or less) coffee each cycle?

Just send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least 2 days in advance of your regular shipment date. We'll send you an email confirmation and we'll change your subscription per your instructions.

When will my order ship?

We'll generally ship subscription orders on Wednesday. We do most of our roasting Monday and Tuesday and we like to get your coffee packed up and shipped out right away.

If you're a bi-weekly or monthly subscriber, we'll begin your repeat cycle two or four weeks after your first shipment. We (always) treat a month as four weeks, so you might occasionally get two shipments during the same calendar month (like once in a Blue Moon).

 Where do you roast my coffee?

We proudly roast your coffee in Bensenville, IL, USA - right across the street from O'Hare International Airport. Our roastery is open to the public Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 am to 4 pm. Feel free to stop by and say hello, take a look, meet the team and pick up some super-fresh coffee (at special walk-in prices). We're always happy when we get to to meet our customers.




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