Cafe Carioca:: Gourmet Roasted Espresso Coffee

ex_label_cariocaCafe Carioca:: Gourmet Roasted Espresso Coffee
$16.00 each


Slow-roasted in our vintage Italian-made drum roaster, Cafe Carioca is what espresso coffee is supposed to be - rich, warm and satisfying, loaded with aroma, flavor and BOOM.

Blended according to old-school tradition from seven or more of the world's finest Specialty Coffees, Cafe Carioca produces a beautiful coffee with a thick rich crema and deep, thick body. With powerful chocolate undertones, citrus and stone fruit flavors and notes of flowers and toasted bread, Cafe Carioca delights the senses and lingers on the tongue for a long, satisfying experience of coffee goodness.

We've been roasting Cafe Carioca for over 40 years, satisfying thousands of customers each day and producing millions of espressos every year. 

Make your life a little better. Enjoy Cafe Carioca.  

Complexity: Smooth, with a broad spectrum of flavors
Acidity: High, with citrus notes
Body: Thick and dark, with deep flavor tones
Aroma: High - toasted bread, flowers, dates
Flavor Notes: Chocolate, fruits, toasted whole-grain bread
Varietals: Cafe Carioca is a secret blend. We inherited it and hope someday to pass it on.


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