Standard Program Chip - VitaMix MP


Standard program chip for a VitaMix MP. 

Use this chip to reset any VitaMix MP to the stadard smoothie programs.


Programming your On-Counter Blending Station MP PRE-SET buttons

1. Turn the machine on.

2. Facing the front of the machine, insert the customprogrammed chip with the words, "THIS SIDE FACING TO THE FRONT OF THE MACHINE" toward you andthe silver contact bars up, into the port located below the label area on the front of the Blending Station MP.


3. Within 10 seconds the six PRE-SET buttons will be re-programmed and the DISPLAY WINDOW will read "SAVED" then "READY." If nothing happens when the programming chip is fully inserted, turn the chip in the opposite direction and try again.

4. Remove the programming chip and return it to the original package.

5. Press one of the six PRE-SET buttons to reveal, in the DISPLAY WINDOW, the name of the program/drink.

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