Barista Spoon

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MSRP: $2.75 Your Price: $2.35

Perfect for Espresso lovers, coffee lovers, bartenders, and cocktail lovers!

This red ball bar spoon is a versatile utensil for crafting all your favorite beverages! This spoon's design is especially ideal for evenly mixing drinks with a lot of ingredient layers.

Simply combine all ingredients directly in the serving cup or glass of choice, and mix away. The bowl of the spoon is solid and very small to it can fit glasses of virtually any diameter and size, and its size also makes it easier to mix drinks. On the opposite end is a red knob for even more control when mixing. Its twisted middle provides greater support and a sturdier grip and improves the durability of the thin metal. Featuring a long 11" length, this spoon will effectively mix drinks in even your largest coffee high ball glasses to your smallest espresso cups. 

The uses of this spoon aren't constricted to just espresso lovers, coffee shops, or bar service!  Use this spoon for milkshakes, too. The teaspoon end is great for measuring out mix-ins such as sprinkles, crushed cookies, and other toppings. Great for use at your salad bar, as well, this mixing spoon lets you mix up dressings to an ideal consistency and serve them over salads with the bowl of the spoon for a healthy portion. The versatility of this utensil is truly incredible, and it serves well in virtually any establishment.