India : Robusta Kaapi Royale

The crown jewel of India's robusta coffees, our Kaapi Royale is produced from robusta plants grown at India's lower elevations, between 1000 and 4000 feet. India is a bird-friendly country and the coffee is grown on mountainsides thick with natural shade, yielding a bolder, more uniform bean than coffee grown under open conditions.Indian Coffee Picker

Beans of this coffee are clean, uniform, and extra bold. After grading, these beans are polished, put through an electronic colour sorter and finally hand sorted. In this last process, a group of 10 to 16 people visually inspect these beans, in layers one bean thick, as they are transported on a conveyor belt.

Indian washed Robusta has none of the rubbery aftertaste associated with low-grade Robusta and deliver bold flavor and a healthy kick of caffeine. As a result, Indian washed Robusta play an integral role in many Italian-style espresso blends.

Our Kappi Royale comes from screen-17 beans selected by re-grading and re-sorting washed Indian Robusta Parchment-AB. The Kaapi Royale grade does not tolerate any defects and no peaberries, broken beans, bits, blacks, brown or foreign matter is permitted. This is very clean coffee.

Although the the Parchment-AB and Kaapi Royale may come from the same bulk stock, the Kaapi Royale roasts much more uniformly than the Parchment-AB and as they age, these beans soften and mellow more than their -AB counterparts.

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