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Technical Information
Producer Asociacion Los Naranjos San Agustin
Country Colombia
Region Huila
Elevation 1500-1800 m
Harvest April-May, October-January
Cultivar Caturra, Typica
Process Washed, Sun Dried
Grade Supremo
Screen 17/18
Roast Full City
Cupping Notes Nutty and Mild. Brown Sugar & Wildflower Honey Sweetness. Lemon & Grapefruit Citrus Notes
Certifications Rainforest Alliance
 Colombia - Coffee Harvest

Huila coffee is produced by just 97 small coffee growers who comprise the Asociacion Los Naranjos San Agustin. The coffee is carefully wet processed and sun-dried on patios or sun roofs.

Colombia Supremo Huila yields a very rich and nutty aromatic flavor with an excellent balance of brightness, a light brown sugar & wildflower honey sweetness and a faint lemon & grapefruit citrus taste as the coffee cools.

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