Dezcal Activated Scale Remover - 4 Pack


Lime scale and other hard water mineral buildup (including mineral calcium) are the enemy of your espresso machine! Mineral buildup can clog valves and tubes, cause leaking boilers and will lead to your machine from making hot water.



. Your brewer or espresso machine will gradually fail to brew at the required 195-205 f brew temperature and coffee will taste dull and underextracted. Brewing coffee below the proper temperature will not make good coffee no matter what coffee you use! We offer Dezcal (Urnex Activated Descaler), a citric acid-based descaler that will remove mineral build up. This formula is nontoxic and biodegradable. Dezcal attacks lime scale and mineral deposits in places you cannot scrub with a brush water lines, steamers and storage tanks in coffee brewers and espresso equipment. 

Web Price: $21.00