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Coffee is Guatemala's number one export and is an essential component of their growth economy. The lush and mountainous terrain boasts many excellent coffee-growing regions and much of Guatemala's coffee is grown in the country‚Äôs northern and central highlands at an altitude of above 1350 meters, ideal for gourmet coffee. As a result, Guatemala is ranked 2nd in the world in the amount of high grade coffee it produces, and it has the highest percentage of its crop classified as high quality.


Guatemala's SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) coffees exhibit unique qualities like citrus acidity and a complex combination of fruit and smooth chocolate notes. This coffee type represents the classic, clean, Central American cup. Our SHB EP (European Process) coffees are hand sorted to remove any defective beans and foreign material, ensuring the finest quality in the cup.










Cupping Notes:

Clean and consistent. Balanced, medium body. Chocolate, winey notes, sweet acidity, soft fruity notes.



SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude above 1350 meters. This term is also synonymous with SHG/Strictly High Grown; this classification is higher than HB (Hard Bean).

EP (European Preparation) specifies that the raw beans are all hand sorted to remove defects and foreign material.

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