Philips-Saeco XSmall Vapore :: HD8645/47

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Even though the XSmall is Saeco's smallest superautomatic - just under a foot wide - the XSmall delivers the outstanding bean-to-cup functionality you've come to expect from Saeco,

Its clever new ergonomic design makes quick work of everyday tasks like filling the water tanks and emptying the dump box, and it's compact design keeps your countertop clean.

  • 5 step adjustable grinder
  • Brews two coffee varieties
  • Classic Milk Frother
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle


Feature Benefit
Removable Brew Group: Remove, rinse, and re-insert to keep your superautomatic performing at its best.
Ceramic Burr Grinder: The adjustable grinder preserves aroma without overheating.
Energy-saving Mode:  The Xsmall enters stand-by mode automatically after one hour, drawing minimal power.
Volumetric Controls:  Set your preferred water volumes with two programmable buttons.
Auto-circuit Cleaning: Before it enters and when it returns from stand-by mode, the Xsmall automatically rinses the coffee circuit.
Small Footprint As Saeco's smallest superauto available, this machine packs a lot of basic functionality into a small package.
Common price: $499.00 Web Price: Our price: $475.00 Brand: SaecoSaeco