Philips-Saeco Intelia V2 Cappuccino :: HD8771/93

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Meet the most exciting new member of Saeco's family - the new Intelia Deluxe. A smartly crafted piece of technology delivering quality, extra convenience, and divine coffee. Housed in a stainless steel body with a timeless design, Intelia is a proud ambassador of Italian craftsmanship.


We love Intelia because it uses Saeco's advanced milk carafe to deliver beautiful cappuccino and cafe latte - at the touch of a button. No mess, no fuss - just creat coffee.


Great Features

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Removable brewing group

Automatic rinse cycle

Easy & Comfortable to Use 

Adjustable spout

Automatic stand-by

Removable water tank

Advanced Functionality

10-Step Ceramic grinder

Hot water option

Integrated milk frothing carafe

Pre-brewing option

Ground coffee option




Per-Drink Customization
  • Adjustable coffee strength

    Adjustable cup volume

    Adjustable temperature

Technical Specifications

Cord length: 0.8 m

Max. cup height: 130 mm

Capacity bean container: 300 gr

Pump pressure: 15 bar

Capacity water tank: 1.5 l

 Weight and Dimensions

(WxDxH): 256 x 340 x 444 mm

Weight : 8.9 kg

Common price: $1,499.00 Web Price: Our price: $1,299.00 Brand: SaecoSaeco