Colombia Supremo - Portion Pack

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$30.35 Brand: The Expresso ShoppeThe Expresso Shoppe
Portion Pack

3.0 oz. 42 portion packs

The perfect pack for your office, restaurant, store, or business!

Don't be wasteful about coffee, our packs are sized out perfectly for a regular pot of coffee. Individually packed to ensure freshness with each pot.

Ready to Brew

Each package of ground coffee contains the excellent taste and earthy aroma of carefully-selected, premium-quality coffee beans from Colombia, Honduras and Brazil that have been roasted to perfection. Already ground and packaged in an easy to tear open packet, this medium roast coffee comes ready to brew, helping to save you time and fill drink orders more quickly!

Convenient and Versatile

Ideal for diners, coffee shops, waiting rooms, and lobbies, The finest premium blend coffee is the perfect pick-me-up for any setting. Serve up a hot cup of fresh-brewed black coffee, or pour over ice for a chilled coffee beverage that customers will love. For a truly customized and specialty coffee beverage, add a splash of flavoring syrup to each handcrafted cup. The possibilities are limitless with this premium blend coffee!