Frothing Pitcher- Straight-Sided

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If you're making Latte Art, a Straight-Sided Frothing Pitcher is a must; its narrow spout makes carefully controlled pouring possible, and high quality 18/10 stainless steel construction ensures it will last for a long, long time.

Ideally, milk for espresso drinks should be steamed as needed, on a per drink basis. 

12 oz. capacity is perfect for 1-2 short drinks and is recommended for the home or office, or kept on hand to make smaller drinks in the coffee shop. 

20 oz. capacity is the standard in a shop and enables the barista to effectively fill 2-3 drinks.

33 oz. capacity is big - perfect for making a couple of big lattes, but too large for most home machines.

50 oz. - Perfect for a busy coffee shop. Also makes a great water pitcher at the kids' table.

Tip from the Pros: Keep frothing pitchers in the refrigerator and chilled until you are ready to steam - maximize your opportunity to work with your milk before it reaches temperature.