Coffee for the Cafe

Serve the Best - Be the Best

Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Cafe or Kiosk - the coffee you serve defines the quality of your business. Serve the best and your customers will praise you and tell their friends.

The Expresso Shoppe has been supplying restaurants and coffee shops with great coffee for over 30 years - millions of cups, many, many smiles.

We exclusively source Specialty Grade coffees selected from the top 5% of all coffee harvested worldwide. We roast and package on demand basis, delivering exceptionally fresh coffee on a year-round basis. We utilize advanced packaging to minimize the dangers of heat, light, and air to the coffee, maximizing shelf life to ensure the coffee's flavor and aroma are well-preserved.

Compare the powerful aroma of Expresso Shoppe coffee to that of a typical commercial coffee – you'll find our coffee smells better in the bag - and tastes better in the cup – every time!